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Can dehydration cause rise in blood pressure?



my doctor put me on blood pressure meds – water pills i beacame dehydrated and my blood pessure went threw the roof 147/110 but 30 min latter it droped to 130 /100 can the dehydrtions along wiht niccotine caused this ?


Hello and thank you for your question(s).

Dehydration typically does not cause a rise in blood pressure(BP) per se, and can actually have the opposite effect in most persons.  This is because for most people, BP can be ‘volume dependent’  akin to water in a hose.  The more blood volume you have, the more likely your BP to be elevated.  The compensatory mechanism which is activated when we become dehydrated, is for our heart to maintain our cardiac output by beating more times per minute.  This can raise our pulse.  So you may have also experienced some tachycardia (elevated heart rate) as your body’s way of keeping its cardiac output at normal levels. 

Nicotine on the other hand is know to cause an initial and acute rise in BP.  This phenomenon dissipates over time and ones pressures does return to baseline (normal values) after some time.

I hope this has answered your question(s) adequately. 

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