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Pediatric drug related weight gain



My seven year old grandson gained at least 20 pounds over a 4 week period. He recently confided that his father and step-mother have been giving him “sleepy medicine.” What medication could have caused this weight gain? The father and step-mother are unapproachable.I am very concerned they are hurting him by giving him this medication and perhaps anything else. I`ve considered a lawyer but need some kind of proof first. Any suggestions?


Twenty pounds is a lot of weight gain in a four week period. Some medications are used to help children sleep, and there are other medications that are used for a variety of conditions, but they have the side effect of making the child sleepy. Unfortunately from your description, I cannot figure out what medication he is on or whether it is responsible for weight gain. Your best bet is to find a way to communicate your concern with his parents. You can also help him out by making sure he is eating nutritious food and is physically active.

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