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Narrow cervix



my question is what cause your cervix to be narrow and is that going to be a problem for i to have kids i mean i went to the doctor because i have 3 years trying to have a baby and no luck so my gyn said that i should get a hsg test so i did go and when i got there the doctor was trying to do the test and could not get the tube in my cervix and so he told me that my cervix was narrow so will that be a problelm for me to have babies.


If you have not had cervical surgery, difficulty in inserting a catheter to do an HSG does not indicate a definite cause for infertility.  Patients in whom an HSG cannot be easily performed can have a hysteroscopy (telescope through the surgical opening) in conjunction with a laparoscopy (telescope through the belly button to look at the pelvic organs).  This is performed under anesthesia in an out-patient setting, and will allow your physician to further evaluate your cervix, as well as performing cervical dilation.  Your husband should also have a semen analysis performed.

If this testing were normal, treatment usually begins with a fertility pill + inintrauterine insemination or IUI (office procedure where you husband’s sperm is injected into the uterus at the time of ovulation). 

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