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Rib cage deformity cause of gallbladder issue



I have had gallbladder trouble since I was 16 years old. I am now 18. My doctors suspected gallbladder problems so I was given a hydascan with CCK. It resulted with evidence of a gallbladder condition with no stones. But no one could figure out why and why so young? So it was dropped and hasn`t really gotten worse, but one thing I just recently found has me wondering. When I feel across my ribcage from left to right, I notice something different about the right side, right where my gallbladder pain exists! There is not a lump, but the exact opposite. It for some reason goes in and then comes back to normal. This does not occur on the left side. Could this be a deformity of my ribcage and be the underlying cause of my gallbladder trouble? Possibly that my ribs are rubbing on my gallbladder and putting pressure on it to make it not work as it should?


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