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Sour taste in mouth

04/25/2008 11:50AM


Hi,i don`t know if i came to the right place or not,but my father wants to know why is it after he eats does he get a sour taste in his mouth,i tried looking for information but nothing was helping,so if you could please help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!


This could represent a “taste phantom” associated with burning mouth syndrome. BMS is thought to be a minor neurologic disturbance of the sensory nerves that supply the oral region, including nerves that transmit information about pain (burning), taste (either reduced taste or taste phantoms), and/or texture (sensation of swelling, dryness, sliminess, etc.). A given individual who is affected can have one, two or all three types of nerves affected. Being seen by a dentist for a thorough exam and cleaning is an important first step. They can refer you to other specialists as needed.

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