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Deficiency in Amino Acids



I have had “fibromyalgia” and hyper mobility for several years. Symptoms include insomnia, constant pain, fatigue, weakness and much more. My blood tests show no arthritis or lupus, but positive for yeast. I am responding to the yeast treatment and I do feel better, but still in a great deal of pain and still have weakness and fatigue. I recently received results from urine amino acid test that showed I was in the lower 1% on almost all of the amino acids. I eat well and take supplements. I eat beans, rice, chicken, fish and some red meat. Yet it would appear as if I ate no protein from the results. Since it was across the board pretty much, it would seem that I have some blocker or enzyme, or lack of enzyme, that does not permit my body to assimilate the protein. I have in the past taken enzymes for digestion and it does not seem to help. What might be the causes of this? Would this maybe cause my “fibro” symptoms since it seems without amino acids the body could not possibly repair itself? Is there a possible genetic cause of this? What tests should I have done to get to the bottom of this? I have struggled to have good health and this “fibro” disorder has left me disabled. I have always had to take supplements to feel well and I always seem to battle systemic yeast infections. When I am like this, I also seem to have chemical sensitivities. Thanks for your help.


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