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Difference Between Iron Deficiency, Anemia And Thalassemia Trait



Many in my family have the trait and I am anemic as well. My hemaglobin level has never gone over 10.25 and goes as low as 7 after surgery. How much iron should I take each day? I have never been able to find a doctor to tell me why I have been tired my whole life and I am always cold. Just from what I read perhaps it is my levels and that I am possiblly not taking enough iron. By the way, 10.25 is with iron! How much I took doesn`t matter. What should I take? I admit, I do forget a lot. But I really want to end this once and for all. I am 47 now and starting pre-menstrual menopause and my 2-day periods from the past now last up to 2 weeks. I also have suffered depression since I was a child. I didn`t do anything about it until I was an adult. But I was tired all the time during my childhood as well.


It is often difficult to tell the difference between iron deficiency, anemia and thalassemia trait. From the information you have provided, I cannot make a diagnosis either. I recommend that you see your primary care doctor or ask for a referral to see a hematologist to establish a diagnosis and help you out. I wish you well.

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