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Jones fracture



I`ve just be diagnosed with a Jones fracture and I`ve been put in a cast for 4wks.NBW and after that i`m going to be in a boot. It happend mon. the 12th during jazz dancing. My foot just rolled to the left when I was just walking, which was weird considering all the tumbling I do. I have a few questions. When the swelling is down I tend to be able to move my foot a little from side to side and I move my toes around lifting them up and down. Is this bad for the fracture? SHould I keep completely still in the cast? Also I`m wanting to keep my flexibility so I still get on the floor to do some stretches like splits. Is this pulling on the bone? The only part of my foot that presses into the floor is my heel. Please help. I`m paranoid cause I hear the JOnes fracture is hard to heal and may not. I`m a gymnastics coach, and i`ve remained a tumbler. I`m really afraid that I won`t ever be able to tumble again. Thanks


You should certainly maintain the cast and not bear weight on the cast at all for 4 weeks.  However, moving your toes is fine and other stretching of the hamstrings and hips is absolutely fine.  However, if the foot is moving around inside the cast, the swelling in the foot may have gone down and another cast may need to be placed to match the reduced size of the foot.  This is best discussed with your physician.  A Jones fracture certainly is an important fracture to treat appropriately.  Even with careful immobilization, sometimes non-union of the bone still occurs and requires a screw to hold the bone together.  However, your current treatment is the usual initial therapy for this type of injury.

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