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Atypical facial pain

06/04/2008 04:42PM


I was diagnosed with atypical facial pain (lower right jaw)two years ago and have been in a pain management program since then with little change. I have had the radio therapy, two nerve blocks and two ketamine infusions with no change. I am currently taking 100mg of lyrica twice a day, 30mg of symbalta twice a day along with 5mg oxycodne as needed for pain. I am currently being considered for a procedure at The Cleveland Clinic that has proven sucessful for patients with Parkensons where they place a wire through the back of the head through the cheek under the eye and it is connected to a pacemaker that shoots electric current downward to reset the nerve. My question is have you heard of this procedure and what your thoughts are on it? I read an artical the other day about a new procedure called Orthovltage Stereotactic Technique and was wondering if you are familiar with this procedure. If so, what do you think of it and do you know of any doctors in the Cleveland, Ohio area that perform this procedure?

Thank you


This is the same procedure as the Gamma knife. I know that it is done in Cincinnati, so I am sure that it is in Cleveland. That is certainly an option to look into. I would encourage you to call the neurosurgery department and talk to the surgeon who does it.

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