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Irregular high blood pressure



When I`m not active, (sedentary) my blood pressure is well within the desirable range. Recently, something unusual has began to take place:

I get up to walk around the house, and I can instantly feel the blood pressure rise about 40% or more (I`ve stopped to check it enough time to know it is happening).

There are no heart symptoms, like palpitations, or pulse rate change. Pulse remain normal, but blood pressure is high.

I`ve been a victim of migraines for many years; with monthly or less frequent bouts. Now, they are happening more frequently, as much as several times a week.


Many people have variations in blood pressure with different levels of activity.  As long as your resting blood pressure is normal, you are probably ok.

To be sure, you can consider getting 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.  A 24 hour study gives you a more precise assessment of your true average blood pressure.

High blood pressure can cause headache, but the association of migraines with hypertension is unclear.  The increased frequency of attacks that you are experiencing is probably not related to your blood pressure.

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