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Take Claritin on empty stomach or with food?



I take Claritin to control my allergies. When I got my last refill, teh information that came with it said that I could take it on an enpty stomach or with food. Previously there had been a sticker that said it should be taken on an empty stomach, and a pharmacist told me that if there was any food im my stomach when I took it, it would not work at all. Have they changed the formulation so it can be taken with food, or should I continue taking it on an empty stomach?


Initially, it was recommended that Claritin be taken on an empty stomach to minimize absorption problems. Now, the manufacturer states that Claritin tablets can be taken without regard to meals. Taking Claritin with food may delay peak blood concentrations by about 1 hour. You may continue to take Claritin on an empty stomach. However, if you want to take Claritin with food, this should not decrease its effectiveness.

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