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Clinching teeth causing extreme headaches?



I`ve suffered from headaches, being caused by one thing or another, for most of my adult life. However; In the last few years, I`ve developed the most debilitating headaches of my life, often bringing me to tears. I`ve seen my family doctor who has ran more blood test than I can remember and in the past had me take an MRI. My last visit to my family doctor was much the same. Nothing wrong has been found by his testing. Just recently, I noticed myself clinching my teeth. After this first realization, I`ve now noticed I clinch my teeth all the time- I`ve even woke in the morning clinching my teeth. I`m pretty sure I`ve discovered the source of the worst headaches of my life but have no idea why I clinch my teeth. I`ve tried to stop but never realize that I`m clinching until after the headaches start.

What causes a person to clinch their teeth without realizing it?

What can be done to solve the problem?


The most common cause is stress. The most common treatment is a bite guard.

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