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Long term effect of multiple short term MRI`s



Over the past two years I have had eight MRI`s, five of the eight MRI`s were just within the past week. The five MRI`s were mainly on my head(brain, arteries in head and neck, and inner ears). For the five MRI`s I spent a total of four hours(spread across 4 days) in a .3T MRI machine. I know this MRI uses a .3T magnetic field in conjunction with a strong RF field. With a SAR of 3-4W/Kg, is it correct to assume I was exposed to >320W of continuous RF (1-100Mhz) energy (assuming I weigh ~80kG)? I am very concerned that I am now at a higher risk for a brain tumor or some type of lymphoma which I always hear associated with strong electric fields. I have been trying to determine how many other folks have had greater then 8 MRI`s and how they are doing several years down the road? Can you help answer these questions? It`s amazing to me that MRI`s have been used for more then 20 years and no major studies (that I can find) have been done on the long term effect (of short term exposure)of MRI`s.


Thank you for visiting NetWellness.  Unfortunately, I’m afraid this query is out of my area of expertise.  For a more complete response to your questions, you should consult with a radiologist or imaging specialist.  However,  I would say the evidence for the association between cancer and EMF and RF exposures is pretty weak. It will be a while before that question is answered definitively.

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