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Throat clearing/thyroid problems

09/29/2008 11:21AM


I have been having a throat clearing problem for a while now, thought to be acid reflux and allergies. Today i woke up and had an extremely hard time of trying to clear my throat and my throat felt sore. After about 45 minutes of constant throat clearing, i just happened to touch my throat and just below the adams apple and a little to the side, i had a lump which was sore. I went to the Doctor and he`s doing bloodwork and tests to check out my thyroid. My question is this: I`ve researched this thyroid problem a lot and I haven`t come across anyone who has the throat clearing problem as a sympton of a thyroid problem. Can it be? I`ve been taking acid reflux medicine which doesn`t seem to help it, and neither does allergy medicine. And I know its not habit, there really is phlegm or something in there that needs clearing.


Although this is often due to reflux, other entities may lead to phlegm and chronic throat clearing. If you have a neck mass, it may not be just the thyroid. It would be important to have an evaluation by and ENT physician to evaluate the mass and look into the throat to try to elucidate the cause of your symptoms.

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