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Numbness on top of left foot



Hello, on Sunday morning (2am) after a night on the town, We all cramped into this car to take us home..which took around 20-25minutes, during this time, my left left was pushed up agaisnt this speaker box on the floor. At a time i had pins and needles in ma left lower leg/foot. At home after taking off my shoes and so forth, the top of my foot was numb, after waking up late on sunday morning, i found that my foot was still numb. It is now Wednesday Night (NZ Time) and the top of my left foot is numb and and the left side of my ankle bone is numb and mayb around 2inchs above the left side of the ankle is numb. Just feels upper skin is numb, i can still feel pressure and hot/cold and a bit of pain when pinched, sort of feels like its “dead” or “fallen asleep” No pain at all. Foot is same colour and size (no swelling) as the right foot. My toes feel normal and underside is normal. Is there anything to worry about? It will just come back to normal eventually? Or should i see a doctor or physio?

Thank you.


It sounds like you may have injured a nerve and I would expected that the feeling would have returned after a few hours. The fact that it has not returned after almost a 3 days is a bit of a concern. I would recommend that you have it looked after by a podiatrist or general physician.

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