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Air bubbles while urinating



I have been experiencing air bubbles when I urinate. I have not had any gastrointestinal or urinary surgeries. However, I am in my second year of remission from renal failure. I have not had a transplant and was told I did not need one since my kidneys are holding steady now between 90 and 100 percent. I am prone to UTI`s and I know that bacteria can cause gas bubbles in which I could in turn be expelling through my urinary tract. I was wondering if there could be any other reasoning behind it though, due to my kidney history.


Gas bubbles in the urine can be see with certain types of bladder infections. Air can also be see in the urine with fistulas between the bladder and the bowel that can be seen at times with diverticulitis and other colon problems. I would suggest that you be seen by your physician to be examined have the urine checked.

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