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Fracture at the fibula and foot out of place



I was playing soccer and running step on a whole. My foot was in the whole and I fell and heard a crack. I fracture my fibula and my foot was out of place. This happened on July 20, 2008. I had surgery the doctor told me that my foot was out of place. I have 15 screws and a plate. They removed the screw this month on the 2nd of october. I am worried because when I walk after 5 or 10 minutes it starts hurting inside. Is this normal? Or there is something wrong. Please help!


Ankle injuries take a while to rehabilitate and you could be experiencing normal post operative discomfort. The question is what has your surgeon told you about the prognosis for you condition? How much return of function can you expect? Finally are you involved in a physical therapy rehabilitation program? These are important questions for you to have answered by your provider. If you have been discharged by your surgeon, you may want to seek the advice and care of a sports medicine clinic that deals commonly with your type of injury.

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