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Leg Pain When in Bed at Night



I have moderate disc degneration with anterior spondylosis and slight posterior bulging annuli and moderate facet arthrosis, severe disc narrowing in T10, 11 and 12, L3, L4 , L5 . L5-S1. My most painful problem is at night in bed after a few hours the pain in both leg gets worse, wakes me and after a few minutes of moving around, it goes away, to return in another hour or two. I sleep on either my right side or left side. Of course I have problems with my legs during the day when walking, or standing for a short period of time but no pain when sitting and have had a right knee replacement. Can you tell me what the problem is at night? I can live with the daytime problem, but, consequently, not getting much rest at night.

Thank you.


Thank you for visiting NetWellness. On this site, we try to answer general questions about health but cannot diagnose or recommend treatment. You appear to have some very, very specific questions about your condition, which can only be answered properly by a physician who is familiar with your history, physical exam, and test results. Your questions about the testing results you’ve been given or the risks, benefits, and alternatives for proposed treatments of this condition need to be directed to your treating physician(s). You should insist that they answer these questions in a way that you are able to understand before consenting to any treatment. If your physician is unable to help you understand these issues, you should get a second opinion. Take care.

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