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Pain in lower back and legs



I am a woman of 36. I have had a hysterectomy at 30. left a half overy in. However, I did suffer a fall after a surgery, not the hysterectomy, but my brain surgery. I had severe pain in my legs to where I could not move them with out coming 2 feet off the table or bed. I had this pain before but not like that, just regular pain. I still have pain in my legs and lower back. They did xrays. They indicated mild osteoartritis at L4-5 and L5-S1. Also the other hip one showed phleboliths in the left hemipelvis.

What does all this mean? Could this be the cause of my terrible pain and the numbness I get in my upper legs when I take walks?

Thank you ahead of time.


Hello, thank you for your question. I cannot tell you what is causing your symptoms, and that is not what we do on this website. We do not diagnose people’s problems, we try to provide accurate information about different general medical topics. You didn’t even mention what kind of “brain surgery” you had, which certainly could have relevance here. It sounds like you need a thorough evaluation by a specialist, either a neurologist or a neurosurgeon, and you probably need an MRI of your spine, although whether that test is necessary can only be determined by a physician who has examined you and gotten all the details of your medical history. Good luck.

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