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Cause of tremors, twitches, spasms and jerks



I`ve had tremors (started in head/neck once in awhile)but now for the last 3 months they are everyday. it has progressed into my left shoulder and upper arm. They started and are ALWAYS when im resting (about to fall asleep). prior to this starting, i had times when i went to bed and had body jerking movements in head, left shoulder, my back arched backwards and jerks in a leg. I can only describe the jerks in that they are similar to when you fall asleep and you jerk because you dream you`re falling. my body also twitches in various locations for no reason. I also have eyelid twitching that comes and goes in spells. i can have it for days at a time. the tremors are now occuring when i sit and relax (not sleeping) but this is sometimes. I also experience left arm weekness (in spells that come and go). Im bothered by these tremors, however; im sure they could be worse. i also get internal body shakiness sometimes. Twice i`ve awaken because it feels like my tongue starts to tremor and a couple times my throat did as well. I do have a cervical bone spur and i am in menopause. I have fibromyalgia too. what could cause this and is it possible it could be one of my ongoing conditions?


Tremor can be caused by numerous conditions. Tremor of the head, tongue, and voice is more commonly seen with a diagnosis of essential tremor. Many other medical conditions and medications can cause tremor as well.

Twitching of muscles can be caused by numerous things, and together with tremor does not really help in obtaining a proper diagnosis.

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is one condition that can cause tremor (often at rest), but this symptom alone is not enough to make a diagnosis. PD is diagnosed by examination findings of the cardinal features suggestive of parkinsonism, and also by obtaining a history consistent with the disease. The cardinal features include

  • slowness/smallness of movement,
  • tremor,
  • rigidity, and
  • postural instability.

In addition to PD, these cardinal features can be seen with other conditions. An evaluation by an experienced physician can help assess for PD or one of the other causes for parkinsonism.

This forum in not intended to provide individual diagnosis or medical advise. I recommend you discuss your symptoms further with your doctor, and possibly obtain a referral for consultation with a physician experienced with assessing tremor.

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