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Is There Pain Relief For Chronic Sore Gums Under Dentures?



I have chronic sore gums under my dentures. What can I do to reduce the pain and sensitivity?


Your situation is not unusual with dentures. Having your teeth removed, and immediate dentures placed, is both physically and psychologically difficult. Some patients and some mouths adapt to dentures better than others. Also, some dentures are made better that others. Almost always the upper denture is more tolerable than the lower denture.

Ideally, you should see a prosthodontist, who is a dental specialist with an extra three years of training after dental school in the fabrication of difficult dentures. He or she can sort out why you are having the problems with your dentures and make recommendations to improve the situation.

Your prosthodontist can also discuss dental implants with you, which likely would be the ideal solution to your problem. Although not inexpensive, dental implants can be used to virtually eliminate all of the normal problems with dentures. If you need a recommendation for a prosthodontist in your area, feel free to contact me.

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