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Radical Prostatectomy and Nerve Damage



I wonder if you could help us with a question we have please. My partner recently had a radical prostatectomy and we understand from the surgeon that the nerves were possibly damaged. We want to know if there is any chance if they are damaged if he will be able to get an erection, either naturally or with something like viagra. I have read somewhere that viagra won`t work if the nervesĀ are damaged/removed. He is 60 and had a good strong erection before the op. Please help us find out the answer as our sex life is important to us both being in a relativly new relationship. Thank you.


It usually takes about a year to find out if erectile function return to near normal. In meanwhile, there are remedies such as low dose Cialis on a daily basis and or injection of PGE1. Most men regain some of their erectile function after prostatectomy, but it never will be as it was prior to surgery. Penile implant, if nothing else works, becomes the ultimate solution to treat erectile dysfunction.

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