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Infrequent Bed Wetting



I am a 38 year old male. Last night I wet the bed. This is the second time in ten years I have done this. How concerned should I be? I do not have a problem with urination during the day, no incontinence, no trouble going. I am healthy, not overweight and am not taking any medication. I cannot find any correlation between the first episode ten years ago and the one last night. other than possibly stress. I do not remember any dreams of going to the bathroom associated with the two episodes, though I do experience those dreams frequently, but have not had any problems with bedwetting during those dreams. The only abnormal thing with last night was that I had a headache come on suddenly. I took no medication for the headache and attributed it to being over tired and a little stressed.


I am not sure why the incontinence occurred. I would suggest that you be seen by your doctor and be examined and have the urine tested to be sure there is not infection.

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