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Can asthma cause a fever?



my childs doctor said that my three year olds fever could have been caused by her asthma. I have had asthma for 30 years, and have never heard of that. Is that possible? She then prescribed antibiotics, along with allergy medecine – of which my daughter does not even have. It is all very conflicting. What do you think? Is it a cold, is it asthma, or is it bacterial?


Because asthma flare ups are often triggered by infections (usually viral infections), they often turn up hand-in-hand with a fever. Asthma ITSELF, however, doesn’t cause fever.

A child may need antibiotics if they have clear evidence of bacterial infection during an asthma flare.  Antibiotics might be helpful if there is a bad ear infection, or strep throat, for example.  
The MAINSTAYS of acute asthma management are inhaled albuterol and (if albuterol alone isn’t controlling matters) oral steroids. 

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