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Pandemic Flu

H1N1 flu



can my children play outside in yard and with pets is it safe i live in san antonio tex


H1N1 flu is not a reason to keep your children from playing outside in the yard. H1N1 flu is spread from person-to-person. It is caught from other people who are ill. It is not caught from pigs, other animals or birds. If your children play with children who have H1N1 flu, then they could become ill. If your children have the H1N1 flu, they could spread the illness to other children. The best way to keep your children from becoming ill with the flu is to have them stay away from other people (adults and children) who might have the H1N1 flu. If your children become ill with the H1N1 flu, they can be taken to a physician or clinic to see if they need any medication. Also, remind your children to wash their hands whenever their hands get dirty and before eating.

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