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Parkinson's Disease

Reducing tremors



What is the current medications now being used to reduce the tremors in hands?

My husband was diagnosed 2 years ago with Parkinson’s (mild type, Dr. says) and he has tried several medications with no relief from his hand tremors. He has tried Mirapex, Azilect and most recently Sinemet --working up to 1 tab (25-100 mg) 3x a day. He tried it for 2 months and stopped.

His doctor was advised and he was weaned off but has not been seen by the doctor. He has an appointment in July at the National Parkinson’s Foundation in Miami. He takes COQ10 (1200) a day. Can he look forward to any relief?


Parkinson's disease tremor can sometimes be difficult to treat and refractory to respond to medications. In these cases, the trial and error approach of the various parkinsonian agents is appropriate.

The most commonly used medications in the United States are:

If trials of medications fail, a surgical approach such as deep brain stimulation can be considered. The physicians at the NPF will be an excellent resource for information about further treatment options.

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