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Drinks Large Amt of Water & Protein Leakage

Drinks Large Amt of Water & Protein Leakage



My Husband is diabetic but controled with etc. He recently had a blood test & was told he has protein leakage. Everything is perfect Chlorestrol, sugar levels etc.. all the test normally done on a 3 month basis. What I was wondering would the large amounts of water he drinks 1 gal plus a day put a strain on his kidneys to cause this? He is always walking around with a glass of water in his hand.


No, the amount of water he is drinking will not strain his kidneys. But, it does suggest to me that his sugars may be running high. The most important factors in the connection between his kidney function and his diabetes is control of BP and control of sugars. Check with your doctor about what are the goals for each.

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