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What`s the chance of a CF child?



My boyfriend has CF, we want a child of our own. I have four children from previous relationships, two of which have medical conditions and see specialists regularly. I want to understand what the risk factors are to have a CF child. We are looking forward to adding another to the clan but I have to go for artificial insemination as he as a blockage. i don’t want it to sound selfish, but could I cope with another child with a disabitly? I can’t bare to think of losing my partner so what would I be like for my child?… any advice would help ….


I think the best answer would be to accompany your boyfriend to his next CF clinic appointment and have him ask his center to see if a genetic counselor could be available to speak with both of you during that visit. This might also be available though your obstetrician’s office. You might also want your obstetrician to test to see if you are a carrier for any of the CF genetic mutations as 1 in 25 people on average are carriers. Having this information will be most helpful for the doctors and genetic counselors to give you the most accurate information and risks for having a child with cystic fibrosis.

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