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What is `Normal` after a Monarch Sling



I had surgery on Monday–a hysterectomy and the Monarch Sling for my weak bladder. The surgery went well, except I was having a rough time passing urine and was straight-cathed three times in one day–not so pleasant. That seems to have subsided, but now I feel like I have to go all the time and it is hard to tell the difference between 20 and 600ccs. I have been doing some light walking and trying to time myself so that my bladder can actually fill. I have been drinking lots of fluids; I am not sure what else to do. I take Tylenol for my back and hips when they ache, but I did not have much pain after the surgery. Any advice?


One of the reasons for frequency of urination is urinary retention and inability to empty your bladder to completion due to over correction. You need to have a bladder scanner study. Other causes are urinary tract infection. This is also treated easily. Other less important events will eventually dissipate over time.

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