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Monarc Suburethral Sling Procedure



I had a monarc suburethral sling procedure on 8/17/09. Immediately after I complained that my bottom was hurting on the left side around the rectum. Is this normal or could it possibly be a hemorrhoid? I do not have any itching or bleeding, but I do have pressure in one area around the rectum. I did go home the day of surgery with a catheter and had removed the following day, only to go back 3 days later and have another catheter placed for 3 days. I just had it removed and so far I am voiding but feeling a spasm toward the end of voiding (200cc). Is this normal? Plus, how long are you sore in the groin area where the incision is?


Pain in the buttock area could be due to position, nerve entrapment or trauma. It should clear with in few days unless it is nerve entrapment. Inner thigh pain may last for few weeks and bladder spasm is not that unusual to have following any type of urethral suspension.

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