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Is High Blood Pressure Caused by Cysts?



I had an hysterectomy about 5 years ago and now I am having pain and My doctor says I have Cyst on the ovaries I have gone for my 3rd ultra sound on 8/25/09 and on is 1.9 cc and the other is 2.5 cc with blood in it. I have sever pain and have been taking Motrin 600 but with my last 2 visits my doctor has stated my blood pressure is High on 5/15 140/100 & 8/25 124/92 and need to see my regular physican but he is not available. Would my Cysts cause my blood pressure to be high? Can my Gynecologist run blood work to check my blood pressure? Diabetics does run in my family. Help


Ovarian cysts are quite common, and at times can be painful, especially those that have blood in them (hemorrhagic cysts). Your gynecologist should continue to follow your ovarian cysts.  Except for a condition known as “polycystic ovarian disease” (numerous cysts on each ovary), cysts are usually not associated with high blood pressure.  Pain can raise one’s blood pressure. 

The goal for blood pressure is a level of 130/80 or less. High blood pressure is defined as three blood pressures greater than this number. So, technically, you do not have high blood pressure. Often blood pressures are high when someone goes to the doctor’s office, so we recommend getting blood pressures checked in other locations, such as from an emergency medical technician at the local fire station (they will often do this for free), or at your local pharmacy (most pharmacists can now check blood pressures). If the number is consistently higher than 130/80, then you should consider treatment. 

Initial treatment often involves lifestyle changes, such as getting more exercise, avoiding certain foods, and losing weight (5-10 pounds can help). A good initial set of tests includes a urinalysis (to check for protein in the urine), a potassium, kidney function tests, and glucose. Your doctor may also want to obtain an electrocardiogram (ECG, EKG) to make sure your heart has not been affected by the high blood pressure. Your gynecologist can easily order these tests. 

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