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Microscopic Hematuria



I`m 45 yrs old. I have been having microscopic hematuria ranging from 25-40 cells/hpf for almost 8 years. I don`t have proteinuria, edema and hypertension. CREATININE, BUN, PTT and ANA are normal. Renal and bladder ultrasound done yearly are normal except this August 2009 it showed caliectasis of right kidney. I`m very worried about my condition. Please help me.


In Urology patients with microscopic hematuria are always evaluated for the possibility of tumors. The evaluation consists of an X-ray of the entire urinary system which is generally a CT Urogram and a Cystoscopy(looking directly in the bladder with a telescope) which is done in the office. If neither of these tests are positive tumors are generally not the cause of bleeding. I am sure that at this point you have seen a Urologist for these tests.

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