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Lump Under Tongue



I have a lump under my tongue on the left side. My gland is slightly swollen but i think this is just because i keep playing with it. It is only small, from it though i can also feel another hard long type lump. They are both hard. I don`t think they are on the top of the skin they feel more underneath it.It is smooth.It hasn`t changed size.I am 18 and never smoked but grew up passively smoking. Could it be herpes? Could you please tell me what it could be? It has been there for a few months, maybe i have only just realised it?


I would have it evaluated by your dentist or primary care physician. Since you can’t recall the length of time it has been there, nor if it is growing/enlarging, I would recommend someone to physically examine what you are describing.

You may be feeling one of the 2 salivary glands that are located under the tongue (Sub-mandibular and or Sub-lingual glands). These glands are located on both sides of the floor of the mouth under the tongue. There are also lymph nodes that are located under the tongue, and these may also become swollen and enlarged and present as you describe.

I would not be concerned with herpes in this location. The other possibility is a blocked salivary gland duct or mucocele, but that is highly unlikely based upon your description. A mucocele or ranula can occur, but is normally fluctuant (mushy) and looks more like a blister. They usually rupture and then reoccur.

Seasonal allergies can be related lymph nodes swelling as can infected teeth, and this may be reflected in the associated nodal swelling you are feeling. That is why I recommend having it evaluated to rule out pathology and give you peace of mind.

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