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Bloody Urine



What could cause my 4 year old to pee blood? This happened exactly 1 year ago today!!! Also could amoxiccilin cause this?


There are many causes of blood in the urine. You did not indicate whether your child is a boy or a girl. An important question is whether the blood was throughtout the entire stream or whether it was just at the beginning or end of the stream. If it is throughout the stream, it is most likely from the kidney or bladder. Common causes include bladder infection (which would include burning with urination and urinary frequency) and passing a urinary stone (with associated back pain). Usually the urine is bright red.

Another common cause of blood in the urine in boys is urethral bleeding; in general it is at the beginning or end of the stream. Most commonly this results from narrowing of the urinary opening (also known as meatal stenosis) or bowel/bladder dysfunction (holding the urine too long during the day or constipation). In summary, the causes are generally not serious. If it has not occurred for one year, it is highly unlikely that it needs evaluation.

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