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Monarch Sling



I had one put in the first of October, and I was told it was put in to support my uretha, not the bladder. I stopped leaking on myself for only two days after surgery. The only thing that helped is if I cough I don`t leak. I am still at times having pain in my vagina and down in that area. It is going on four weeks. I walk and do light things but then I have to rest because of the pain, plus I feel like something is coming/falling out. My doctor says I am healing and nothing is fallen out. Should I get a second opinion or is it normal I still hurt and feel like somegthing is falling out? What should I do? What is going on?


I am sorry, I don't know what your question is. What was put in? I gather you may have had sling procedure to correct your urinary incontinence. Is it or it is not doing the job you were asking for? The feeling of foreign object in the vagina is expected until all the inflammation and tissue reaction resolves. If symptoms remain you should see your doctor or seek a second opinion.

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Ahmad  Hamidinia, MD Ahmad Hamidinia, MD
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