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Can Men Have Brac1 & Brac2 Genes?

Can Men Have Brac1 & Brac2 Genes?



I am a 53 year old woman with a family history of breast cancer. My mother had it her first time at age 41 and then again at 51. I am also of Ashkenazi descent. I recently had the genetic testing and it came back normal. If mine was normal, should my two brothers be concerned and look into testing?


The fact that yours is normal is good, but since your mother didn’t test, we don’t know whether or not she could be affected, so your brothers could be at risk.  You may not have inherited a mutation, but they could have.  If your mother can test, and tests negative, they would not need to have testing.  If not, they would also be at risk for the mutation, even if you are negative.

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