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Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Implants

Fractured Root



I had a root canal and crown done on #9 in July of 2008. Six months later a sore spot developed about 1/4 inch above the edge of the gum line, just about even with the bottom of the left nostril. The dentist that did the work cut the gum open to reveal a hole in the bone, but no infection. Tests revealed I probably have a fractured root, even though it does not show up in an x-ray. Now we are talking an implant, but first the tooth has to be removed and the bone allowed to grow back. I am looking at about 6 grand for the total costs. How long can I let this go? It has been about 13 months since the sore spot developed.


It is not a good idea to delay the extraction of the tooth. The longer the infection is there, the more bone is lost and the less likely an ideal outcome with the implant will be reached. However, if necessary for financial reasons, the extraction can be done and then the implant delayed. A temporary removable partial denture could be done to simulate the tooth appearance until the funds for an implant could be saved. It may also be possible to reduce the overall implant fee by seeking care at a College of Dentistry.

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Ed A McGlumphy, DDS, MS Ed A McGlumphy, DDS, MS
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