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Thyroid Diseases

Vitamin D and Hypothyroidism



I am a 56 yo female and I recently began treatment for vitamin D deficiency (50,000 iu/week for 8 weeks) after test results showed a blood level of 9. TSH at the same time was 3.29. After I began treatment, I began to lose weight as my appetite decreased, my energy levels increased, and a nagging cough that I`d had for several months is gone - all good things. However, 3 weeks into the treatment, I started to get chills (temp was 96.5 to 97) and hoarseness that I`ve had for several months, following a bad cold, is getting worse. Is it possible that the vitamin D treatment would unmask symptoms of hypothyroidism?


No. I don't think these symptoms have anything to do with your vitamin D, and they probably don't have anything to do with your thyroid either. Thyroid disease usually develops slowly, and it would be unusual for someone to develop symptomatic hypothyroidism this soon after having a normal TSH. You should probably see an ear nose and throat doctor for the prolonged hoarseness.

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Thomas A Murphy, MD, FACP, FACE Thomas A Murphy, MD, FACP, FACE
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