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Starting Birth Control Pill & Breast Feeding

Starting Birth Control Pill & Breast Feeding



Dear pharmacist,

I am breast-feeding my son and now he is 8 month-old. My period is still absence. I know that breast-feeding prevents pregnancy but it is effective only for 6 months after birth and only when I always breast-feed my son as much as possible. I think about starting birth control pill. But I have some questions: Can I use birth control pill when I am still breast feeding? As a general rule, how long can a woman wait after delivery to start a new pack of birth control pill? For my case, if I am breast feeding and I have no period even though it is over 6 months already, should I take birth control pill or should I wait until I have period again then start it?


Yes, you can use low-dose oral contraceptives (OCP) after lactation is well established (about 6-8 weeks after delivery). You do not need to wait until you have a period to start OCP. Use another form of birth control for the first 2 weeks of the pack.

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