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Problems with mental focus and concentration



I seem to have problems on being able to focus on one thing at a time. Get started with something then get side tracked and start on something else and then I have multiple projects going on..At times, "alot of times that is" my thought process is kinda like a merry-go-round of thoughts, its hard to explain.It has got worse as I have got older 48 at the moment.Have not had a seizure in around 10 years and mine are the grand mal type.Was wondering if epilepsy plays a part in this or just the every day life sitations that are causing these problems like work,family economics etc.


Memory and concentration in people with epilepsy may be affected by several factors. Seizure medication can affect memory to some degree. Frequent seizures may also cause memory disturbance. Abnormal brain tissue (that causes seizures) may also affect memory, especially if the temporal lobe is involved. If seizures are longstanding, there may be some degree of permanent memory impairment even after the seizures are controlled.

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