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4 year old Has Pain in Penis



My son complained of pain at the head of his penis. I took him to the doctor and they found nothing wrong. He said it still hurt when he urinates, so I asked him to point to the pain. He pointed to the base of the penis just above the sack. Is this something that will clear up on it`s own or should I take him back to the doctor?


That is a difficult question to answer. You indicated that he is having pain at the head of his penis, which I assume means the tip of the penis, and also at the base of the penis. Sometimes bladder/bowel dysfunction may cause this condition. For example, some boys who are constipated have significant pain in their penis, even when they are not using the restroom. Constipation may include having very large bowel movements every one to two days. Another cause of this symptom is meatal stenosis, in which the urinary opening at the tip of the penis is narrow. A visit with a pediatric urologist may be helpful.

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