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Spasm in Side of Face with Severe Headache



Hi, I starting a few years ago having these spasms in one musles on the left side of my face which causes my jaw to be pulled shut. Eventually these got worse and worse. Now it will start with that one muscle and within a few minutes the whole left side of my face will go into a painfull spasm. Then within less than 30 minutes I`ll get this sudden burst through my whole head that feals like its going to burst into a million pieces from the inside, I want to go crazy because of this extreme pain. This last a few minutes, and will sometimes happen two three times in that same day. Then it will be gone again for weeks, and just suddenly return. I do get migraines and I would rather walk with a migraine for the whole day than to feel this, thats how painfull it is. Please, the doctors can`t answer me and I cannot take this pain anymore, it gets worse everytime it happens. (They have tried epileptic tablets, Calming tablets, Calming excercises, Muscle Relaxers, it desn`t work. Not even pain injections work.)


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