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HPV in tongue of a 6 years old girl



recently my 6 years old daugther was diagnosed with a single papiloma, suddenly, 5 more papilomas apeared in diferent sites of her tongue after de surgical removing of the 1st one. they are located in the borders of the tongue. we have gone trough a lot of tests, one of them (scratching of the lesion to see the presence of HPV´s DNA) the result: No HPV but now she had had the PCR OF HPV and 16 and 51 Genotypes were discovered, what do we have to expect. in my country, the medical staff ( 1 internist, 2 dermatologists, 2 maxilo-facial surgeons, 2 patologists, 2 hemato-oncologists, a molecular biologist) do not know what to do with this case. they only say it is a not common case, and we are looking where to go to have the better option of treatment but a correct diagnostic evaluation.please help us as soon as you can. if somebody of you speak spanish would be better, or if you need to have a copy of the pictures of the lesions and the complete chronological events of the case, just let me know, i´ll be thanksfull.


Thank you for visiting NetWellness.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to make a recommendation for a treatment center as your daughter’s diagnosis is not a well-defined condition with defined recommendations. You might try contacting OSU Pediatric Otolaryngology at the link below, but I am not aware of anyone with specific expertise for this problem.

Best wishes to you and your daughter.

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