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Teeth Irritating Tongue



Hi i have been to a dentist 4 months ago for tooth cleaning , i got tooth fillng for some of the teeth which had cavities.It was all normal for some days , after a month one of the teeth started irritating my tongue, which went on to create a huge ulcer,my dentist polished the teeth which seemed to be a temporary solution, after some days amost all teeth in one side of my mouth started irritating my tongue and mouth side, im visiting dentist after dentist but could not get a solution for my problem.i`m quiet scared if this will cause complex problems , this spoils my whole day as irritation starts in the morning and go on raising as the day proceeds.kindly give me advise as to which specilised doctor should i consult for this to get a permanent solution.your expert advise will be very much helpful. Thank u.


Without seeing you, I can only guess as to what the cause of the soreness is. My guess is that the fillings changed the overall shape of your teeth (very common). When you speak and function throughout the day, your tongue is rubbing on these areas. Depending on your bite, an orthodontist may be able to help, or the fillings may need to be done over, possibly with a different material.

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