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Childhood Radiation 35 Years Ago



My wife survived having Rhabdomysarcoma when she was 5. She had a mastoidectomy combined with radiation and Chemo around 1975. She has developed, over the past 3 years, partial/absence/focal seizures.

She does have significant trauma because of the radiation and it`s affect on physical development, primarily above the shoulders, but until recently, these were merely external and not life-changing. She is most recently taking Lemictal but as with the others, the seizures persist. Surgery is a horrendous option for her, as intubation and recovery are dreadful. Is there a different direction I could head her in, I think at this point, she (and I) would be quite content to have her DR. say, this is the best it`s going to get, but they trudge on with medication after medication. I have to think this is not just a run of the mill seizure disorder and that the damage caused by the radiation warrants a different approach. On top of it, she`s 5` 100# and extremely physically fit and takes full charge of her health, which makes the lack of control here even worse.


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