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Am I Pregnant?



Hi, I stopped my oral birth control a few months ago and for Feb/March I had approx 5 day menses which were approx 30 days apart. I had menses for approx 5 days starting on feb 15th and then on march 16th. I expected a period on april 14th but it didnt come. I had intercourse on April 2nd. Approx a week before my period was due on april 14th, I started having breast soreness and intermittent nausea, fatigue, some lower belly cramping these have improved except for slightly enlarged breasts with some sensitivity but my period still hasnt come. I was sick the week into when my last period was due with a cold. Pregnancy tests have so far been negative (I even took one early in the morning as first morning void). Is there any chance I could be pregnant with negative pregnancy tests after my period was due? Today I noticed clearish/stringy cervical mucous (the kind you would expect around ovulation), im wondering if im experiencing late ovulation and just late menses?


Many women do not have clock-work-like menstrual periods. This can be due to a variety of reasons, including hyperplasia (where the lining of the uterus gets a little thicker then normal), uterine fibroids (benign tumors of the uterus that can cause irregular bleeding), uterine polyps (also a type of begin tumor-like structure), miscarriages, thyroid problems, excessive weight gain or weight loss, withdrawal of hormonal contraception, and uterine cancer. Additionally, the menstrual cycle can change a bit with increasing age, stress levels, and if you are around other females.

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