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Ct. showed a 3mm hypodensity on liver



Hi, I went got a ct. for uterine fibroid related issues, my Ct. revealed a 3mm hypodensity on my liver lobe, and a suggested repeat of ct. in 3 months. My gyno. and prim. phys. got the report and were not concerned., cyst. I brought the report to my gastro, for I had liver enzymes elevated in May 09, which after many tests was virus related,NO hepatitus, and ultrasound was normal in June. My gastro. sent me for an AFP, which came back normal. At my follow up, he said all my bloodwork, which he tested me for everything were normal, but wanted a repeat of ct. from radiology report, and he wanted me to get some more bloodwork.. and the 24 hr. copper test, which I had in June, too… He said he was not too concerned. It is small. He called it a lesion, but the other drs. called it a cyst. I asked if I should limit diet, alcohol, I used to drink more, a couple glasses of wine, etc.. football games.. but now if I have a couple drinks over the weekend, that is alot. I am afraid to drink, especially w/ this 3mm. THING… Help., is he just being cautious? A good thing? I am totally stressed and when I think about it, I feel it!


A 3mm hypodensity is an irrelevant entitiy in your liver. Are you sure it is 3 mm or 3 cm? No one can make any conclusions about something so small in your liver. In my view, whomever is looking into this, is making way, way too much out of this. I am certain that ANY elevated enzymes you had were NOT caused by something so insignifcant in your liver.

At 3 mm, it is likely a cyst, but so so small that NO ONE can tell for sure what it is. There is no reason to be stressed unless you are a heavy drinker, in which case, regardless of the cyst, you should cut back!

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