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Alternative to Colonoscopy?



My dr is nagging me to get a colonoscopy. I do not, not NOT want to do that. I do not have any symptoms or problems or any other medical reason to get it. My dr just wants me to because it says on the schedule that at my age I am suppose to do that. I think he gets a bonus if a certain percentage of his patients over a certain age get it. If he absolutely must screen me for colon cancer isn`t there any other way? I am just plain not going to have that test unless there is a reason based on my own personal health and symptoms for having it. For one thing, aside from all the other reasons I DON`T want to have it, I live alone and do not have friends or family to drive me to or from the appointment. I live in a rural area and there is not public transportation. I cannot do outpatient procedures that cause me to take drugs that make my unable to drive unless there is a really REALLY good reason for it, and I don`t think there is. I am not going to go into a nursing home or something just so I can have a colonoscopy!


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