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Lower Jaw Surgery



I just had lower jaw surgery to move my lower jaw forward and I also had my top jaw widened. Its been 9 days and 2 days ago i felt as if the muscles in my jaw tighted up. After my left side swolled up really big and it gone down but not compleatly. it feels like a not in my jaw muscles…. is that possible, or might it be something I sould be worried about?


Surgeons disengage musculature from around your jaws to get to the sites where they perform the precision cuts to move your jaw. Swelling, sensation of tightness, numbness and discomfort is not uncommon after orthognathic surgery.


I am assuming you have seen your surgeon once by now or have an appointment coming up soon. If you are experiencing fever, severe discomfort, bleeding or a major unplanned alteration in your bite, since the first few days of surgery, I recommend you seek your surgeon’s attention sooner rather than later.

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