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Swollen Upper Lip



For about the last six months, I have been having a problem with my upper lip swelling, but only on one side. It usually occurs when eating. I have not been eating anything new or different, or even using any different products. My dentist has checked my mouth, teeth and gums and nothing is wrong. The problem usually subsides in several hours.


This condition is called angioedema.  It can be caused by medications (prescriptions and over the counter) and underlying medical conditions.  Foods are less likely as you cannot determine if one or more foods is causing this reaction.  Some individuals have a rare genetic disorder that can cause swelling.


 I recommend you see a board certified allergist with experience in the evaluation and the treatment of angioedema to further assess this problem. 

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Jonathan   Bernstein, MD Jonathan Bernstein, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati